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Direct to Garment Printing services

Direct to Garment (DTG) digital printing is, quite simply, the process of printing full color images onto white or dark coloured garments. There's no magic about it, it just what we do - and we're good at it. Here at Identity Printing we use the latest printing technology to print anything from full colour images to simple text and designs on to t shirts, polo shirts, hoodies, sweats, hats, jumpers and errrm... pretty much anything else you can think of! We don't charge you set up fees because, well, there is no set up, there's no screens, no separations - it's just DTG digital print. And we can make, satisfy, fulfill any size of order from a single sample up to 2000 pieces every day - and we offer a super speedy express delivery service.

DTG printing machines

DTG, direct to garment Printing used to be limited to short runs of full colour prints on tees and sweats, but here at Identity Printing we have moved DTG printing up to another stratospheric level. Just have a look at our range of services, the materials we can print on and the garments we can produce. We think you'll be impressed! No, in fact, if you're looking for DTG printing, we know you'll be impressed!

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Standard printing services

DTG print on light garment White T Shirts Perfect to achieve the very best out of DTG digital printing
DTG print on light garment Pastel T Shirts Although you will not achieve the same vibrancy as you would on a white t shirt. We do a damn good job at Identity. So allow for around 20% less vibrancy when you are designing your shirt.
DTG digital print inline on dark garment Dark Prints Like decorators, we 'undercoat' the t shirt before we print on to dark coloured fabrics, then we print the full colour design on top. This extra layer means it's slightly heavier than on a white t shirt, nothing major but it feels slightly different.
DTG double pass digital print light garment Double Pass As it says on the tin, for extra vibrancy you can have a double pass print.

Innovative non-standard printing services

DTG digital print and metallic foil Metallic Foil DTG (Direct to Garment) printed and then metallic foil applied manually.

Hand Finished Special Applications

Vinyl Print on t shirt Vinyl Print This has been around a while but the application is making a come back, also with our expert Identity finish it is not as plastic as it once was.
Flock print on t shirt Flock print Yes, circa 1970s Indian restaurant wallpaper! Just imagine running the palm of your hand across the shirt and feeling a soft suede effect, that's it (roughly). This is really popular.
Applique patch of lightweight fabric stitched onto garment and then over-printed Reflective print You know when your headlights shine on a safety vest or sign and it reflects back at you, well this is similar stuff. Safety hits the fashion industry!

Finishing Services

Relabeling We professionally remove the original label and then sew a new label in the same position.
Packing We attach your swing ticket then fold and bag the garment into high quality, self-sealing polypropolene bags.