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Direct To Garment Printing Services

DTG Printing

Probably one of the most exciting print process in the past few years. Using digital technology to advance quality printing on to textiles. Limitless on colours,  so if your image has 10 colours in or more, it’s no problem.


DTG Printing Costs

Screen Printing Choice (Print Only Price) on 100 White t-shirts.
8 Screens (one-off cost) at £25.00 per screen = £200.00
Print per shirt £5.00 (minimum 100 t-shirts) for a print run.
Total £700.00

DTG Printing Cost (Print Only Price) on 100 white t-shirts.
No screens. No setup charges. No origination costs.
Print per shirt £3.50 (minimum 100 t-shirts) for a print run.
Total £350.00

Arrh but…..what about if it is on black or dark t-shirts.?
DTG is most suited to white or light colures where we do not have to use under base. With DTG on to Black or Dark t-shirts, you have to use something called “under base”. This is basically a white ink you put down before you print your colures. Very much like when you are decorating at home undercoat then gloss.

This comes at an additional cost which can be as little as 10p extra BUT it all depends on how much we use on the job. So with printing on to black or darks, we need to see the artwork first before we can you give you a price.

FAQs About DTG Printing

How come you can feel the print with DTG when it is on blacks or dark t-shirts and not on whites.
As we have said above it’s the difference between using under base and not. If we were to blindfold you and give you a plain white t-shirt and a DTG printed one you could not tell which one is printed.

This is because we do not use under base on white t-shirts, the white fabric is the canvass. In all fairness depending on the amount of underbase we would use it is still only a slight feel, not as harsh as plastisol inks.

We had heard DTG fades after a wash
Got to be honest in all the years we have been doing this we have only ever had three complaints. Upon investigation, one turned out to have been washed at 60 degrees!

The other had been washed at 40 degrees and had bleach added to the wash! And finally and the best was, 12 months old and possible 20 washes! (It’s true!)

DTG is fantastic for fast fashion and complicated designs, yes it will fade eventually like all other t-shirts and depends on so many factors. All we can say is we have been doing it for years and done 1000`s with no problem.

Sampling (One-off Prints)

On a white or Black t-shirt – £25.00 + VAT
Black hoody – £35.00 + VAT

Production/Bulk Run

Obviously, we would need to see the artwork and what colour t-shirt etc.
This can be done the same day, no problem.

What is the Minimum Order?

The minimum order is, well, ONE (We struggle to do less than one)
Seriously, we are more than happy do less than 100, but, it does affect the price. Just feel free to ask- it’s no problem.

What’s Needed For Artwork?

All we need is a PNG transparent background image of your desired print, that’s it. We have covered everything here, HOWEVER, if not just ask us for more information.