Who We Are

Meet The Team

Identity Printing are the best in the business at what we do and what we do is direct to garment (DTG) digital printing.

We see ourselves as innovators and experts and we’ve been in the clothing business since our business development director, Leo Stanley, first sold his iconic range of Manc t-shirts back in the 80’s at Affleck’s’ Palace.

We’re always available online, offline or on any other line to provide you our customers with an all round awesome service.

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Nobody knows more about DTG printing on almost any material than our technical director Zah. He has been manufacturing garments since time immemorial!

Zah innovates and invents and likes nothing more than solving the insoluble.

So if you have a problem he’s the man who will come up with the solution if there is one – and sometimes even if there isn’t!

The rest of our team are far too shy to show themselves off here but you can be sure that when they’re added into the mix we’re a team that can knock most of the competition into a cocked hat.